Peter Stocke

Peter started doing entrepreneurial consulting in 2012 after seeing the majority of his peers working jobs they hated because they thought that was the way the world worked.  Working with entrepreneurs he uses his skills in business visioning, system design, and training in alternative healing to help them architect their visions into reality and live the lives they want, not the lives they are told they should live by somebody else!


Charlie Stewart

Charles is determined to create a better world. Study of integrative physiology, neuroscience and business forms the backbone of his creative problem solving. Over a decade of strong leadership roles consisting of peer counseling, coaching, and startup development hone his expertise. Excited entrepreneurs with grand visions of transformation inspire him to find and build the synergies that will take your business to the next level of extraordinary creation!


Extended Consulting Team

In addition to the core navigators Extraordinary Creation also has a team of highly skilled consultants ranging from finance and accounting to branding and design to product management and distribution to human resources and talent acquisition.  With access to the right talent it’s amazing how fast things get done!