We have built an extraordinary 90 day program for your creation. This has been broken into the four stages seen below. Every development is unique, so we customize to your needs. Generally, we structure a weekly call or meeting to go over your accomplishments, align your goals, and build your success. From here we add our applied consulting talents to build you tools, bring in strategies, and guide growth. Furthermore, we bring in an industry leader from your field to optimize our impact.

The Discovery

First we connect to see if we are a good match. We need to be sure this is the right step for you. To ensure you get what you need, it is essential that we all communicate our expectations, so that we understand each other clearly.We are looking for Extraordinary Creation Indicators (ECIs). If we find that you are the right fit, we will setup a time to dig in.


Discovery questions to expect:

What are you doing?

Why are you doing it?

How do you do it?

The Dig

This is the official start of our extraordinary creation. With a deep breath, we will dig into the heart of your creation together, and find the essence of what you are planting in the world. Here we will uncover your keys to extraordinary creation as well as what could be blocking your growth.


Once we dig out all the important details, and have everything in the light. We will analyze it and discover what we can do to unleash your full extraordinary potential. From here we will align the keys that are crucial to your success, and create strategic targets that will position you to achieve your extraordinary goals.

The Rise

We will coach you to each key success. This process is about teaching you how to use the tools, make the decisions, and take advantage of the opportunities that will build your creation. Part of the rise is about pushing yourself, and finding the solutions you have inside yourself. We apply effective limited assistance. This is about you creating your extraordinary creation, and building the confidence in yourself, as well as the skills necessary to do it. So at the end of our journey you can ride out on your extraordinary creation.