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Unlock Your Business’ True Potency


Our Ethos is simple, we help businesses unlock their true power and impact by helping them tap into, understand, and utilize their authentic strengths so they can change the world. Will you take the plunge with us?

 Breaking through the barriers…


The Ethos Sprint is a process that radically redefines how we approach business problem solving and innovation. Instead of looking outwards and trying to follow the competition, we recognize that the greatest strengths in your business lie in your unique makeup.

Using a combination of tools ranging from Shamanic self understanding practices to Silicon Valley business design we help business get in touch with their hidden potency, clarify that, and put it into practice guiding everyday operations.

After completing the Ethos Sprint you will have all the understanding and tools necessary to guide your business through tough times and break through plateaus and barriers with ease.



 A business with a authentic purpose and the clarity of vision on how they are going to bring that to the world is unstoppable. The Ethos Sprint process uncovers that authentic purpose and uses tangible, simple, tools to create pathways to bring that purpose into every aspect of your business.

Once you are connected to your divine inspiration and bring that into the world attracting customers, building new products, and retaining top, aligned talent becomes the easiest thing in the world. Root down and build something magnificent!

The Process

The Ethos Sprint is a ten day virtual course for you and your team where we will review your Ethos and use shamanic practices, storytelling, and other exercises to dive into the authentic core of your business and create a clearly articulated statement that captures the Ethos of your business. Using this Ethos statement we will explore customer archetypes and understand who in the world is most aligned to your Ethos, what problems they have, and how you are uniquely positioned to solve those problems in a way that is most connected with your strengths and Ethos.

The entire process can be completely remote and each day can be completed in 30 minutes or less! We have two team calls to help solidify the process and foster more connection amongst the participants. Each Ethos sprint is unique and manifests according to your business, team, and challenges!